Awosting Club LLC - Terms of Use and Service

The property may only be used on the following conditions:
  1. All persons must sign a release and waiver before entering the property. This waiver is delivered electronically, and can be submitted by checking the box associated with the waiver.
  2. No person shall use the property except as permitted by a certificate or permit issued to him or her. Online Booking Receipt constitutes the issuance of this certificate or permit.
  3. There shall be no smoking, rowdy, loud or harassing behavior.
  4. Alcohol consumption is permitted, but only by persons of lawful age and in moderate amounts. Intoxication on the property is not permitted. No one shall serve or make alcohol available to persons under lawful age.
  5. No facility shall be used except for its intended purposes. Any area marked “no-entry” of in a similar way shall be fully observed.
  6. People shall act courteously, carefully and with due regard for others.
  7. Guests are not permitted. Only those persons with proper certificates or permits may be on the property, and this does not permit you to include other people unless granted permission by owner or manager.
  8. All areas shall be kept neat and clean. Refuse shall be kept in sealed and marked containers at all times. Wildlife may be attracted to your area in any event, and certainly if this is not followed. Wildlife could include bears.
  9. Quiet hours begin at 9 pm each day and last until 8 am the following day. During this period persons shall ensure that no loud sounds, noises or voices are heard.
  10. The manager may report any violations of law to the police immediately.
  11. Fires are permitted in designated areas only. Only kindling, paper to start the fire and non-treated wood may be burned. All fires shall be doused with water, or soil, to ensure they are no longer burning or smoldering when they are not attended to.
Violation of any of these terms shall result in immediate expulsion from the property, potential criminal charges and forfeiture of all sums paid and privileges.